Saturday, January 30, 2016

When the most important critics love your work.

"Go pluck a bird" ~ Sarah Ikegami :) <3
I need to say something this morning, because my heart is overflowing with gratitude, and the only thing I can do now is to share.
In our society, lots of times there seems to be a notion that a woman has to choose between her career and her kids. Maybe that is true in some professions, and it certainly is hard to balance when they are little. But at this point in my life at least, I am so overwhelmed at how much everything, EVERY little piece of my heart, that I gave to my kids is coming back to me in a very direct way.
Specifically, I'm speaking here of how that is coming through what they say about my work and the direction it is heading in.
Not only do they support me in my art, but they truly love it, and so proud of everything I do. I know that may sound trite, but I respect the opinion of all three of my kids so much, because I really believe they are so much smarter than I.
Sarah, my fellow artist, just completely understands everything before I even explain it, and more than that, offers incredible insightful help constantly. <3. Michael is always getting excited about my work and offering to help take photos of my art with his professional equipment, working tirelessly to get me the materials I need to grow my business. And my youngest, who also has an incredible talent in visual art though it is overshadowed by his musical ability, well, he just plain LOVES my work. The way he sees it, the way it changes his melts my heart.
To have all three of my kids not only be able to SEE my heart through what I make, but also LOVE it.
I wish I could explain how that feels.
I met someone the other day who told me that he was never going to have kids. He had too many things to do, you only live once, and he wanted to travel the world. I've met many people who have told me that over my lifetime. There were many times, I am not going to lie, when I wished I could escape and just do what would fulfill me at the time.
I am not saying this to try and convince people to have children- that is a truly personal choice. Nor am I going to try and lead anyone in the path I took. However I am called to tell you this morning that I recently have been completely changed by the TANGIBLE love and pride pouring out to me through my kids, and the fact that God gave me three, only makes it exponential. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that there is no trip, experience, or thing I could own in this world that could top that feeling. Maybe it's just about having faith.
I just feel so grateful to have reached a time in my life when I can be me, when I don't feel like I need to choose between my family and trying to reach my dreams. And truly, I really wasn't expecting more. I wasn't expecting the support and love that's pouring on me now. It's so completely awesome.
When they tell you that everything you put into life, you get back, and then some, BELIEVE IT. IT'S TRUE.

My daughter's quote at the top relates to her amazing job she did rooting me on with a present series of works in encaustic medium, where I may be using some of my feather collection. :) Please follow me on to see my process.

Sarah, Michael, and Nick I love you. <3