Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mother of the Bride, Part I

Had every intention to post here for you all from the airport. Off I go to finally be with my girl and wrap up things for her wedding. I even had a lot of time to kill here at the gate! But I can't upload pics from this phone and didn't bring my computer. I promise it'll all be up afterwards.

Had a long (but amazing) day Friday as a guest speaker at OCSA. But then I procrastinated packing all weekend because I was so exhausted, and my stomach has been tied up in knots. Today, however, I'm feeling better, and up up and away in an hour.

Made it thru security just fine.  Those new screening machines are pretty cool. But they make you feel like a criminal, hands-over-your-head and all. The only thing they questioned was my Greek evil eye bracelet. I KNEW it had magnetic powers. 

In a while it will be a flurry of  site planning, wedding dress hemming, hanging 1001 paper cranes, creating centerpieces and bouquets and boutonierres, but for right now it's time for Jolly Ranchers and Diet Coke...

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